How much will this cost?

We can repair most screens for $500. Having said that, every situation is different and quotes are approved by you before the repair work is done.

If the electronics are functional and you are just having difficulty reading the display due to sun damage, we can fix your display for $500. Repairs involving the electronics are quoted before the repair is made. We have an inventory of units, used and new, which may meet your needs.

Full Repair Process

    1.   You fill out this Form and we will send you an email with mailing instructions.
    2.   You mail us your unit.
    3.   We will run diagnostics on your unit and email you a free quote.
    4.   After you approve the work (accept the quoted price) we will fix your unit.
    5.   Once fixed, we will email you pictures showing your unit working properly and we will send you a Paypal bill.
    6.   Once the Paypal bill is paid, we will ship the unit back to you.

Typical turnaround for this entire process is about 2 weeks.

What if I don't like the quote?

If we find a problem other than simply a burned out screen and the cost of repair is more than anticipated, there are still options:

    -   Worst case scenario - we ship the unit back to you and you are only out the shipping costs
    -   We may have an alternative unit available for purchase
    -   We may even offer you a core value on your old unit if there are any usable parts

What if I need the unit fixed sooner?

The slowest link in the chain is the postal service. If you need the unit fixed quickly, then using an over-night parcel service can certainly speed up the process. If time is of the essence, then we'll work with you for the fastest possible turn-around.

Last updated: January 16, 2016

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